Accepted Papers

Accepted Papers

*Each of the accepted papers will be presented at this year’s conference as a part of the technical program.  Speakers will be allotted 25 minutes to present.

David Bergman and Arvind Raghunathan. A Benders Approach to the Minimum Chordal Completion Problem

Kazuya Haraguchi. An Efficient Local Search for Partial Latin Square Extension Problem

Alejandro Arbelaez, Deepak Mehta, Barry O’Sullivan and Luis Quesada. A Constraint-based Local Search for Edge Disjoint Rooted Distance-Constrained Minimum Spanning Tree Problem

Ilankaikone Senthooran, Mark Wallace and Leslie De Koninck. Freight Train Threading with Different Algorithms

David Bergman, Andre Cire and Willem-Jan Van Hoeve. Lagrangian Bounds from Decision Diagrams

Boon-Ping Lim, Menkes Van Den Briel, Sylvie Thiebaux, Russell Bent and Scott Backhaus. Large Neighborhood Search for Energy Aware Meeting Scheduling in Smart Buildings

Cyrille Dejemeppe, Pierre Schaus and Yves Deville. Derivative-Free Optimization: Lifting Single-Objective to Multi-Objective Algorithm

Hadrien Cambazard and Jean-Guillaume Fages. New filtering for ATMOSTNVALUE and its weighted variant: A Lagrangian approach

Petr Vilím, Philippe Laborie and Paul Shaw. Failure-directed Search for Constraint-based Scheduling

Wen-Yang Ku and Chris Beck. Combining Constraint Propagation and Discrete Ellipsoid-Based Search to Solve the Exact Quadratic Knapsack Problem

Christina Burt, Nir Lipovetzky, Adrian Pearce and Peter J. Stuckey. Scheduling with Fixed Maintenance, Shared Resources and Nonlinear Feedrate Constraints: a Mine Planning Case Study

Geoffrey Chu and Peter J. Stuckey. Learning Value Heuristics for Constraint Programming

Victor Pillac, Manuel Cebrian and Pascal Van Hentenryck. Evacuation planning and evacuees response: A column-generation approach

Jean-Baptiste Mairy, Yves Deville and Christophe Lecoutre. The Smart Table Constraint

Joseph D. Scott, Pierre Flener and Justin Pearson. Constraint Solving with Bounded String Variables

Margaux Nattaf, Christian Artigues and Pierre Lopez. A hybrid exact method for a scheduling problem with a continuous resource and energy constraints

Gustav Björdal, Jean-Noël Monette, Pierre Flener and Justin Pearson. A Constraint-Based Local Search Backend for MiniZinc

Gregor Hendel. Enhancing MIP branching decisions by using the sample variance of pseudo costs

Penelope Aguiar Melgarejo, Philippe Laborie and Christine Solnon. A Time-Dependent No-Overlap Constraint: Application to Urban Delivery Problems

Paul Saikko, Brandon Malone and Matti Järvisalo. MaxSAT-based Cutting Planes for Learning Graphical Models

Alessio Bonfietti, Michele Lombardi and Michela Milano. Embedding Decision Trees and Random Forests in Constraint Programming

Sascha Van Cauwelaert, Michele Lombardi and Pierre Schaus. Understanding the Potential of Propagators

Miquel Bofill, Marc Garcia, Mateu Villaret and Josep Suy. SAT-based Scheduling of B2B meetings

Benjamin Negrevergne and Tias Guns. Sequential pattern mining using constraint programming

Michael Saint-Guillain, Yves Deville and Christine Solnon. A Stochastic Programming Heuristic Approach to the Dynamic and Stochastic Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows

Steven Gay, Renaud Hartert and Pierre Schaus. Time-Table Disjunctive Reasoning for the Cumulative Constraint

Brian Kell, Ashish Sabharwal and Willem-Jan van Hoeve. BDD-Guided Clause Generation

Gerald Gamrath, Anna Melchiori, Timo Berthold, Ambros Gleixner and Domenico Salvagnin. Branching on multi-aggregated variables

Gilles Pesant, Gregory Rix and Louis-Martin Rousseau. A Comparative Study of MIP and CP Formulations for the B2B Scheduling Optimization Problem

Ivana Ljubic, Fabio Furini and Markus Sinnl. ILP and CP Formulations for the Lazy Bureaucrat Problem

Carmen Gervet and Sylvie Galichet. Uncertain Data Dependency Constraints in Matrix Models

Ofer Strichman and Michael Veksler. Learning general constraints in CSP

Md Masbaul Alam Polash, M. A. Hakim Newton and Abdul Sattar. Constraint-Based Local Search for Golomb Ruler

Merav Aharoni, Odellia Boni, Ari Freund, Lidor Goren, Wesam Ibraheem and Tamir Segev. Rectangle Placement for VLSI Testing

Sergey Polyakovskiy and Frank Neumann. Packing While Traveling: Mixed Integer Programming for a Class of Nonlinear Knapsack Problems